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My System Specs


Can you capture the noise it makes and post it ? It depends - I know the seagates perform some offline drive diagnotics when idle and you will sometimes hear seeking noise "" not to confuse with a loud klonking sound like the head knocing against a steel wall :D THe last thing you want to hear is grinding sounds and loud klonking noise. I have tons of seagates drives spread across 2 PCs and 4 enclosures, all of them are quiet - on occasion I will hear seeking sounds, but those are the offline diag, and it lasts usually half a minute then stops after that and remain silent for a long time.

You can never know for sure when your drive will die - SMART is good for a small percentage of gradual failures, and not intended for most mechanical defects and sudden death of mechanical nature - so always buy your drives in pairs and make regular 1:1 backups! don't take ANY chances. Your drive can die anytime, even without making a single noise prior to dying....and if the noise is loud enough that you cannot sleep, that should be a good indicator you need to do something :D
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