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Default Ticking time bomb?

Well, one of my hard drives has developed a nasty tick, which happens more at night, late at night when I am trying to sleep, but I am wondering if it is an early warning sign that the drive is dieing, and if it is what is the easiest way to pinpoint which drive it is, is unplugging it when it is running and clicking a bad idea it is isnt it, especially if it is the OS drive. That could have been worded a whole lot better.

My main problem is if it is my 750gig one (vs the 320) I have no real way to back it up, both of the drives are fairly full and have stuff I cant really afford to loose on them so I am considering getting an enclosure and a backup drive. So if anyone could recommend an enclosure and a harddrive that has bulletproof reliability that would be great.
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