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Default Pioneer DVD212 Problem

My DVD drive will read DVDs no problem but will not read any CDs. If I put a CD in it tries reading it for a second, gives up for about 5 seconds and tries again, repeat.

If I use windows explorer and right click on the drive with a CD in it to check it's properties it does one of three things. It either immediately shows the properties as a blank disc, tries to read it and comes up with nothing or a couple times it completely crashed windows explorer and had to restart it.

Any DVD will work, any CD does not. It worked last week but not for the last three days.

In device manager it says it is working properly and when I tried installing Pioneer specific drivers it said I already had the latest even though device manager identifies the DVD drivers as Windows drivers from 2006.

The drive is less than a year old, I will buy a new one if necissary but I want to make sure it's the drive and not a configuration problem first.

Any ideas?
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