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Yeah, bumping the voltage did nothing (I tried bringing it up another notch. no effect at all). I haven't run memtest, only the Orthos memory test. It didn't die for about 10 minutes (20min total uptime is about par for the course right now, so it didn't shorten it at all). I'll try to get a hold of memtest and see.

as for the error logs (last 24h): 81 errors
the causes of errors seem to vary- no one operation is mostly responsible.
a list of the repeating ones:
WMI: 20 times
Httpevent: 22 times
Service Control manager eventlog provider: 18 times
eventlog: 15 times
other than that, a few random applications did it once or twice

I don't think its a board compatibility issue. Asus specifically lists this RAM as compatible, and I built this thing back in April, with no troubles until late October. I don't know what the voltage was before I started playing with it (ASUS boards only tell you that its "auto" by default, not what it automatically chose.) I've got it at 2.1V right now, and Crucial recommends 2.0. Doesn't seem to have made a difference. I'll get memtest and post results soon. Thanks guys
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