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Default random crashes

My computer has been having random crashes for a while now. I'll be doing something (doesn't matter what), then I'll get the BSOD, it will "dump physical memory to disk" (the wording may be a bit different, it only lasts a second) then shut off, restart, get as far as loading windows and then die again. It will loop until I flick the power/unplug and restart. Then it will work again for an unpredictable amount of time.

Its the OS that kills it (x64 Vista, although I don't think it matters) since it never crashes until windows tries to load, but I think the cause is hardware, since there is no predictable trigger, that is to say no specific program or action that will kill it.

If I let it cycle enough times it will sometimes (but not always) bring up a BIOS message saying that my overclock failed. The only think OCd is the RAM, which is only brought up as far as the factory specs (it defaults to slower, but same voltage). From having a simmilar issue on my laptop a few years back, I'd guess MOBO, but I can't back that up.

I've tried running benchmarks of various subsystems to try and provoke a crash, but nothing happens.

After all that, any thoughts? any and all suggestions appreciated.
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