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gigabyte are known for their reboot in loop bug. i have one p35 ds3r and one p45 ds3r. the p35 ds3r is very solid now but sometimes it will do the same as you and reboot on a loop. in this case i have to power off my psu and then turn it back on. the p45 ds3r is worse. since i tried to update the bios (something happend during the process) it ALWAYS reboot on a loop. the bios rom is bricked because no matter what i cannot update the bios anymore and each times i click on restart in windows it will reboot on a loop. to remedy that i have to either shut down the pc instead of reboot or turn off the psu. sometimes it even reboot on its own during night (not very often tho). all components are stable i have tested them.

i think that gigabyte mobo's are a little sensitive
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