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I'm resurrecting my thread.

After testing my original system out of my case with the same result, I decided to buy a new motherboard (Gigabyte GA-EP43-DS3L). No luck, I had similar problem (sometimes POSTing, sometimes not), but with the new motherboard I was sometimes getting POST beep code, something I thought was "power error" (but in fact it might have been BIOS ROM error).

So, I buyed a new PSU (Corsair VX450). Again, no luck. Actually, I had been able to run memtest and was getting a LOTS of errors. The system usually starts fine the first few times when it's cold, and then it start not POSTing and rebooting.

This is a bit pissing me off since when the problems started happening a few weeks ago, the computer was running perfectly fine when it was able to boot.

So, I'll buy a new CPU (E5200 or E7X00), RAM (2x2GB Kingston value ram) and graphic card (ATi 4350 based) (I'll build a home server with those parts). I'm a bit tired of losing my time with this rig. And I hope it will work after this. T_T

Someone has.. any advices... or similar experiences ? Suggestions ?

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