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Originally Posted by donimo View Post
Hey all, so some how last night while the PC was shut off, it died. Worked fine (well if you call running Vista "fine") last night, this morning it locks up after "counting" the RAM during POST. I tried taking a stick out, and also swapping the one stick with the other, only difference is it locks up with "10****" instead of "20****".

Bad ram (both sticks at once?), or mobo (p35-ds3L) I guess?
Was your CPU or memory overclocked, was there anything unusual the last time your computer was functional (before you shut it off).

Do you hear any beeping or unusual noises before or during the lock-up ?

I would try putting in new RAM, remove both your sticks and use something else just to rule out RAM issues, I would then try clearing the CMOS (locate your reset pins in your manual) - but use at your own risk, (black screen of death on next boot).

I've had this happen to me on 3 occasions throughout the years and in one case it turned out to be a bad board (strangely, a faulty EEPROM) and the other times it was bad RAM.
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