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My System Specs


Ok your temps are fine.... So are you saying that GPUCaps your temp under full load does not exceed 86C? you are fine then. that's ok - On one of those faulty, overheating chips temps would go much higher.

CPU temps are ok (LOL - is that 6000 on stock HSF ??? because you are running way cooler than I am with my X2 5600+ stock HSF :D)

Definately not temperature related or overclocking. WHat about RAM, brand/Model and timings if you know them .... Are you running your modules according to their specs, is the voltage set correctly - if you are using agressive timings, try bringing your RAM back to relaxed settings, try 5-5-5-18 just for testing purposes, and tell me if you are still having problems. If it does the same thing, then you ruled out RAM, CPU, temperature, and PSU, well actually if you can provide brand and PSU ratings in amps for each rail, might help....... Try uninstalling your drivers - then booting in safe mode and using DriverSweeper from guru3ds site and completly remove traces of NVIDIA drivers - then re-install the most recent set of drivers again. If problem persists then you might have faulty RAM on your graphic card itself or a bad card and the failure happens to be at the far end of the RAM address so it shows in games with big textures - I wouldn't rule out the possibility of a bad card - assuming that everything else was checked first (CPU, RAM, proper settings, etc.)
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