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Thank you for the reply dark:

Everest reports my GPU temperature idle at 54c
GPU Caps reports my GPU temperature idle at 61c

Running the test with 32x AA and 768 x 1200 on a 768 x 1366 32' LCD HDTV

80-81c with Everest
85-86c with GPU Caps

Interestingly no artifacts or freezing.. I'm kinda wondering if it's somehow related to software or drivers? Last night when I was having problems with the screen going black and freezing on the desktop a restart seemed to greatly help and I haven't been encountering that.

In terms of Motherboard and Case:

I have an Asus crosshair.
I have an antec 1200 case with the front and rear fans at 800rpm (any higher and I get annoyed)

Thank you for all your help so far.
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