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My System Specs


Something is not right with those temps. There is no way your motherboard can be running at 57 C - unless you have SERIOUS heating issues in your case or the sensor being close to your GFX or misreported. I use EVEREST to monitor my temps. Also 62C idle is too high.

Try getting GPUCaps Viewer and run a Fur Test, with max settings, while monitoring your GFX card temp - if it keeps going up and getting ready to reach 100C stop it right away.
Look for any artifacting or freezing during the testing as well.

Try to find a beter utility and report back with your real motherboard, CPU, and gfx card temps.

GPUCaps here
GPU Caps Viewer: graphics card information utility, GPU temperature and OpenGL API support | oZone3D.Net

Remember when running these tests always keep an eye on the temp and be ready to stop the test as needed -

You might want to try SpeedFAN, it's free, although depending on your setup it might misreport some voltages and some info.
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