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Originally Posted by DarKStar View Post
Are you overclocking your card and/or CPU ? Try running everything at stock speeds. If not OCing, have you checked your card's temperature to rule out overheating? What kind of PSU do you have ? If your PSU is good enough and it's not a CPU/Overclocking/overheating issue then I'd check your RAM, otherwise (memtest86) - and after trying stock settings, check temps, checking RAM, PSU, then I guess your card is bad.
Thank you for the response Dark.

I'm not overclocking.

Opening nvmonitor from the nvidia control panel it says "nforce" (I assume my motherboard) is at 57 c and my video card at 62 c (no games running).

I think my PSU is an 850w, when I purchased it I was sure to choose a decent brand. However, I can't remember the name or find the box around, and as the sticker isn't on the back/top/side (viewable parts). It might be on the bottom, but I'd have to take it out to check, and I'd rather not bother unless the brand is important info.

Edit: I ran memtest and it said that no problems were detected.

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