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Thanks for the responses.

I got it working, although not exactly as I was hoping.

I did the following and I am not sure if one thing or many contributed to a successful install:
  • In Vista Install, shift F10 to get to command prompt. then I ran diskpart and cleaned the the RAID mount. It took most of the night. all 4 hardrives were previously used and desipte deleting all the partitions on them, I thought there may be some linguring boot records.
  • I also connected an old 200gb Sata as I had almost given up on vista on RAID.
  • Then the install took, but it did put the boot recods on the 200gb drive.
I am not sure but I hope I can move those boot records at a later date as I really don't want to be using that 200gb drive in this system.

Again thanks for your help.
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