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As for my system, I know it's not underpowered (the power supply calculator actually recommended me a 204 watts PSU ). This is a basic system I use everyday. This was the first computer I built; it was great fun to pick the pieces, but I discovered I wasn't much into overclocking. Anyway.

I re-did some tests today, and it was starting correctly almost every time. This is a bit pissing me off, since I did nothing since yesterday except leaving it disconnected from an electrical source. I don't have a PSU to borrow, so I can't test it out on my own, but I had some plans on building a new computer (low-power server) so I might consider buying one. Since it would be for a low power system, I had an eye on the Antec EA-380 since it's quite cheap and suposed to be good. Or maybe a VX450. I'll check it out. For now, guess I'll just pop an old hard drive in my current system so if something goes wrong, at least I'll still have my (precious) data.

Still, I'm a bit confused. Could it be something else than the PSU, like the MB or something else (short circuits?) ? Is there others signs of a dying PSU, because mine is doing no weird noise nor smelling anything ? And all the parts are only 5 months old.


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