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Default Booting problems on a 5 months old computer


I started having troubles with my computer recently (few days ago), and it's getting more serious right now. The problem is that when I start/restart my computer, it sometimes will stay on only a few seconds (from 1 to maybe 8 seconds), won't POST (no beep nor error message displayed on the screen) and will restart and do the same thing X numbers of times and then, for no apparent reason, it will POST just fine. After the POST, it's always running strong. X is a variable number of times; sometimes it takes only 3-4 times, sometimes I just turn it off completly before it's able to start correctly. The first time it did this to me (not starting correctly), turning off the power from the back switch of the PSU was a way to set it back, but it doesn't work anymore (-- maybe it was only luck).

I built the comp 5 months ago. E8400 on a Gigabyte EP35-DS3R rev 2.1 in a Antec Sonata III (comes with an Antec Earthwatts-500 PSU). Never had problems with it until recently (and this really sucks). We did have some electrical instability recently and I wonder if it might be related (I have no UPS but only a standard surge protector).

On the things I have done, I reseted the BIOS to the optimized default, tried starting with only one stick of memory & the graphic card & the CPU/cpu cooler but the situation is still the same. I don't have another PSU (well I have one but it's old and doesn't have a 4-pin connector so I can't use it) nor another motherboard to do more advanced tests.

So, what do you guys think it could be ?

Thank you for your help. Note that I accept reply in french ! Sorry for the not so good english, I definitely have to work on it.
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