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Default Several Strange Problems on a New Build

My Specs:

Q9550 Quad Core
Asus x48 Motherboard
Diamond Radeon 4870 x2 2GB
Corsair 750W PSU
4 Gigs Mushkin DDR3
Seagate HDD 1TB SATA
2xDVD Drives (both IDE)
X-Fi sound card
Windows Vista x64

My Problems:

There's been a few things, and I'm not sure if they are all related or what, so I figured I'd throw it all out there.

1) Somethings going CRAZY with my video card. It's been working fine till now, or so I assume. I've only been running WoW which I don't think was exactly straining the system.

Anyway, I installed Crysis to give it a whirl. It started fine. I had to run out quickly and just left the game at the menu. When I came back, it had switched to windowed mode for some reason. And the sky had started flickering funny. I restarted the game, still flickering. Restarted the system, still flickering. And there's artifacting and such too. And then it crashed on me. And it keeps switching to windowed mode.

I downloaded some GPU monitors afterwards and even uped the fan speed. It's running at like 40C, even with WoW going. (My core temps stay between 35-high 40s)

Except there's artifacting EVERYWHERE now. Like, insanely bad. In WoW.

2) In a potentially related issue, when I started the thing up this morning it failed somewhere before Windows started and said something about "Overclocking has failed".

Which is strange since I haven't overclocked anything. It never appeared again after that, although there were a few issues later where it didn't want to start up till I'd flicked the power supply on and off at the back.

3) Stuttering. I was running into some stuttering in WoW, but I thought it was just lag. I actually installed Crysis to check the system against a non-internet based game that would push the CPU to see if I could figure out the issue.

It also makes a strange, kinda clicking sound when this stuttering happens. It's coming from somewhere near the Video Card or the HDD or the HDD case fan. Not sure which.

4) Weird issue with my mouse jerking upward and to the left randomly, but I think this is jsut a problem with the mouse. Figured I'd throw it in there though.

Anyway, basically my GPU seems to have gone nuts or something, even though it's running at a nice low temp. I'm also getting some stuttering with a clicking and I'm not sure whether it's the GPU or the HDD or what.

Any help would be appreciated.
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