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My System Specs


Yeah, that is exactly like my problem. There are lights on the GPU that light up. Most of the time, it would mean that the GPU isn't getting enough power. Sometimes it might mean the card is faulty. Google up the problem, you'll be able to find what each of the LEDs mean.

EDIT: I found the meanings of the LEDs for you.
This is for the 4850:

LED and Meaning
D1601 - Over temp protection enabled
D1602 - EXT 12V fault

Having both lit constantly, strongly indicates that the card is dead.

Everything below this is for the 4870, not 4850, keeping it here for future users:

LED and Meaning
D1601 - Shows overheating
D1602 - Power connector #1 removed
D1603 - Power connector #2 removed
D1604 - GPU fail

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