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My System Specs


PSU: Corsair 620HX Modular 620W
CPU: Intel C2D E6600
Mobo: ASUS P5N32-SLI Premium (590i chipset)
RAM: OCZ Platinum DDR2-800 (2x1GB)
GPU: Diamond Radeon HD4850
Sound: X-Fi Fatal1ty Pro
HDDs: WD Raptor, WD 500 GB (AAKS)

Pushing the power button makes all the fans turn on (CPU, GPU, case fans), the DVD drive spins up, the F on my X-Fi card light up. There are also 2 little LEDs that light up on my 4850 on the bottom of card (or should I say the side facing up in the tower, so the backplate?). Things that do not light up are my HDD LEDs and my keyboard/mouse. Nothing happens on the monitor; it goes into power saving mode. It was working just fine last night, shut it off before bed, and when I came home today after school, this happened.

I've managed to fix most things by doing what I said in those steps, but this time it's not working, and this time it's on my own computer, which is a drag...
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