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Originally Posted by paphman910 View Post
What exactly do you mean? Make sure you plug in the 4 pin connector to the cpu power.

4 pin x2 is connected to psu. my manual says "make sure you remove the cap on the EATX12V connector before connecting an 8 pin EPS + 12V power plug. I have 2 4 pin connectors at the EATX12V....
and then under that it reads "use only EITHER a 4 pin ATX12V or an 8-pin EPS + 12V power plug for the EATX12V connector" I may have messed up here.
Have you flashed the bios yet? No. Not yet. think i should?
Usually no beeps means a dead video card, or a failing PSU. I get beeps at start up if one is not plugged in.
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