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Originally Posted by Nodscene View Post
I was given a Dell Precision 470 with Dual Xeon 3.0ghz and 1gig (2x512) pc3200 registered ram. I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with it just yet. I was hoping someone here would have some ram I can buy that can be used in this computer. Chances are I'll set it up to be a home server or something. I was also hoping to get another case for it but I'm not entirely sure if that's possible given how Dell likes to go proprietary. I did open it up to try and find out the socket (604) and the power supply is nothing like I've ever seen before. It's about 6" wide and 2 feet long. Takes up the whole botton (or side, depending how you stand the case).

So yeah, if anyone has dealt with one of these before and can give me some info that would be fantastic. I'd probably consider selling it also. I'm kind of undecided at the moment as you can tell.

I wasn't sure where to put this thread as it covers so many topics so feel free to move it if necessary.
Memory Cost for 2gb: - Buy Corsair PC2-3200 CM75DD2048R-400 2GB 1X2GB DDR2-400 ECC Registered 240PIN DIMM Memory - CM75DD2048R-400 In Canada. $250

Non-Redundant PSU.. just extra long to provide power for the dual xeon chips.

Heres the specs:
Dell Precision 470

Personally.. I'd be hooking this bad boy up and putting it to work folding.. it'd kick serious ass.
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