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My System Specs

Default Need some fresh input

Okay I bought a HDD enclosure removed 2 of my storage drives (500G Seagate's) installed them into the enclosure.
Second thing I did was replace my old ata dvd drive with a sata dvd then installed 2 uv sata cables to the primary hdd (still internal) and the new dvd.
I replaced the side panel yada, yada,yada hit the power button...... it powers up but doesn't beep or post, strange I say so pop it back open check the seating, everythings fine, restart bingo it beeps but no monitor.
Shutdown again check the seating again , beep no monitor just hangs there.does this 2 more times so I pull the battery, reboot still nothing just hangs.
So again I shut down pull the 8800gt pull the sound card, pull 1 stick of ram, kill the sata cable to the dvd drive, now I should boot, power up beeps got video , so I go into the bios to throw some more v to my ram and do some minor tweaks/setup, save reboots fine but wont boot windows just bsod.
So long story short it wont boot into windows in safe-mode, star normal,and when I boot of my vista cd it gets to just past loading files and gives me the same bsod and error.
I am outta ideas on either the 8800gt issue or the bsod.

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