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Originally Posted by Dashock View Post
both the 24 pin and the 4-8 pins on the motherboard are connected? take of both ide drives of and see if it will boot. All the power connections to the video card are hooked up?

If its noot too much trouble taking pictures of your rig would help showing all the connections maybe we can notice something off.

P.S are the ram set up on the 1st and 3rd slots??? Im guessing you have a 2*2gb kit?
I've been pushing at the 8 pin thingy to make sure it's plugged in good. It's in a nasty spot to get to, but I seem to have it in as far as it'll go

I took both IDE drives, and even the SATA drive off the power thing, and it still does the same.

Hmm, I could check the memory though. I put it in the 2 black slots, cause there was a little insert suggesting that, but I'll take another look at the manual.

And I doubt a picture would help. There's quite a bit of cabling running around in there.
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