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Default memory problems

I'm having a few problems with my memory.

Initially, I tried to make sure my heatsink was OK by running Orthos and it crashed. Then I tried running IBT and it crashed when I ran a half stress test run more than once. Then I left it alone for a couple days and just did some down;oading and installing and watched some movies. I then went to play some games and the system started crashing on me a lot. This i when I thought it might be a memory issue.

I've run Memtest86+ and I get a lot of errors when both sticks are in. The test that I've been using is the random number sequence test. This isn't the only test which produces errors, there have been errors on others (but not all), but it takes 45 minutes to run all the tests so I have just been running this one on each stick.

The thing is that I get no errors when when I put each in separately in slot A1 (there is A1, A2, B1, B2). I haven't tried putting a single stick in A2 because I thought leaving A1 empty was bad... is this correct???

I have ocz 2 x 2gb pc2-6400 5-4-4 and an ASUS p5Q Pro mobo.

What can/should I do?

Does this mean I have to replace the mobo?


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