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If you can arrange it, HDD suspension is the way to go. But be warned, there have been instances of the elastics wearing through over time, resulting in a dropped HDD. Also important is to get a hard drive that's as quiet as possible to begin with. It's almost impossible to deaden seek noise completely, but sometimes there are options to minimize it, such as Western Digital's AAM in their newer drives. That comes at a smlal performance cost, though.

Foam padding has it's place, but that place is several big steps below where a lot of people place it. I've used it, it helps a little, but mostly as an anti-vibe device on large panels. I'm sure other people would understand the specifics better, but as best I udnerstand, real foam sound-proofing is a whole different animal than what's sold for PC-silencing.

For the PSU, get a quiet one to begin with. If you've got a solid case, the only vibration you'll get from the PSU is from an excessively fast fan. The latest PSU's run their fans very slowly at lower loads, and don't ramp up until things start to heat up. Never been impressed with the silicone spacers sold for PSU silencing, seem to be a placebo more than anything. And when they do work, they're curing a symptom, not the disease.
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