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It would be useful to know what CPU you are using so we can better know what would work. Fan wise, I would personally go with Zalman ZM-F3's with a fan controller (or just the low noise adapter). Vapor of XS's review put it at the top at nearly every voltage. If you made a fan duct from the rear exaust fan (with the grill completely cut off) to the back of the heatsink, you can likely run without a fan on the heatsink, assuming the heatsink is efficient enough. I did something similar in an office PC for my dad. The processor was only a 4050e (45W) so it wasn't powerful, but it never broke 45C under load (fan running very slowly).

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The system is dead silent between the Antec Earthwatts 500W PSU and the single fan kept running extremely slow with AMD's Cool and Quiet. The only time the system is audible is when there is an optical disc being accessed. The HDDs are mounted in a way that they are barely audible even under heavy load.
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