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Default Sourcing PC Silencing Stuff

I'm running through the noisier parts of my recent build aiming to make it as quiet as I can. I've swapped out the stock vga cooler for the AC Accellero, picked up some noctua quiet fans to replace and otherwise augment the original case fans. I'm working with an Antec 300 mini tower. Looking at the wood case thread and Eldonko post about Doug's Quiet Wood Case PC | I'm out to get information on where I can get various things.

HDD: This article suggests elastic cord to suspend the drive and is something I'll be trying.
CD/DVD: Don't think suspension is physically so some sort washers? (or the quietest drive out there atm)
VGA: Passively cooled already (4850 w/ AC Accelero S1 R2)
CPU HS: Currently a Scythe Shuriken is in place. I'm thinking about spacing the fan off the cooler with some sort of foam. I'd prefer to go passive but I've had conflicting information as to whether a thermalright 120 is too tall for the case and haven't looked too hard for passive solutions. (water cooling is also a little extreme and possibly hard to fit into the case)
PSU: Again some sort of washers/foam solution to isolate vibrations. Suggestions?
Screws: Com

Foam: Both for overall noise dampening and to isolate case fans, Suggestions? Brands and or physical qualities to look for. Retailers to find things like AcoustiPack, Dynamat, Akasa's Paxmate or something that works just as well from a hardware/sewing store?

I'd appreciate feed back on as many individual areas as possible. I'm mostly looking for first hand confirmation and experience stories on any of them.
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