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Default Pro help needed: Weird computer problem!!!

Hello there. I am experiencing some weird problem with my brother's computer. He has had it for a year without any problem, and now, all of a sudden, he has this problem:

After closing his computer, it wouldn't reboot; it fails during the windows vista x64 loading. 1 time out of 20 attempts, he could get into safe mode. But there, he told me that the computer recognised new hardware and that the OS was asking to perform motherboard updates?? (i cannot verify this).

To fix this problem, i decided to reformat his computer on fresh windows vista x64 ultimate. But the problem somehow still persists:

at the point where u need to reboot ur computer during the OS install, the computer reboots and past that, it cannot resume the installation since it fails during the windows loading (boting phase with the status bar).

His comp specs:
-Intel DG965WH mobo ( i did a bios update in august so it recognises 4gb of RAM worked fine, until pc started failing windows loadings on october 12th)
-2x1gb Kingston memory pc6400 800mhz
-2x1gb Corsair memory pc6400 800mhz
(Memory is installed properly, dont worry!)
-Intel E6600 processor
-Antec 500W PSU that came with the tower (Eatx case)
-EVGA 8800GTX video card
-A single 250gb harddrive
-Soundblaster audigy 2 zs soundcard

Ive tried to reset bios settings to factory defaults, and turned off the onboard soundcard. Reinstalled windows vista x64; still crashes after the reboot in the installation process (cant continue the installation).

Ive tried to install with only 2gb of ram, samething happened.

Ive built a couple PC's in the past and im usually proefficient at troubleshooting. However, I cannot identify the problem here.

Is it perhaps a faulty motherboard? (thats what i assume).
I dont think its the PSU since it always crashes at the same moment.

No overclocking was done on this computer (i dont even think u can OC on an intel board).
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