November 5th, 2009

Intel Under the Microscope – Faces Antitrust Suit in North America

The New York Attorney General has hopped on the bandwagon and launched a lawsuit against Intel over its alleged antitrust actions. Intel’s business practices have been scrutinized across the globe and so far in nearly every country that it has faced accusations, it has been found guilty. Korea, Japan and most recently Europe have all [...]

September 21st, 2009

The EC Makes Public, the Decision Concerning Intel’s Abuse of Dominant Position

It was May when the European Commission made a rather shocking announcement; that goliath chip manufacturer, Intel, was indeed guilty of using it’s dominant market position to force computer manufacturer’s to support its product over competitor AMD.  Today, after nearly 5 months of wondering exactly what went on behind close doors, the EC has decided [...]

June 15th, 2009

Microsoft Makes Big Sacrifices but EU Still Not Satisfied

In the never ending saga of Microsoft vs the European Union, new developments have been announced regarding Microsoft’s latest attempts to smooth things over in it’s European market, unfortunately the EU isn’t still is not happy and is adamant about continuing its pursuit for cash…err, justice. Starting with its record fine of approx $800 million [...]

May 13th, 2009

Intel AntiTrust EU Ruling: AMD Comments

The European Commission today found Intel guilty of abusing its dominant position in the global x86 microprocessor market, saying that “Intel has harmed millions of European consumers by deliberately acting to keep competitors out of the market for computer chips for many years. Such a serious and sustained violation of the EU’s antitrust rules cannot be tolerated.” [...]

May 11th, 2009

Intel prepares for EU Antitrust Verdict

The battle between Intel and AMD has raged for years now, with claims that the dominant chip manufacture has literally straggled AMD’s prospects with OEM’s, through the offering of cash incentives or refusal of services and rebates to delay or deny AMD based products .   Intel was found guilty in Japan in 2005, and last [...]