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  1. good cause a 6670 even playing really optimized console games sounds like rubbish.

  2. Hipno650 says:

    You do know that the 6670 and the variant that is rumored to be in the next Xbox should be close to 6 times as fast as the GPU in the 360 right? It’s not great but it’s a massive improvement.

  3. Samhell says:

    Xbox 360′s cycle is not at all finished

    350 year later Microsoft release they Xbox 720

  4. Ja says:

    Really want the PS3 & XBOX360 to be updated, I’m really interested to see how beautiful games can get on PC and consoles seem to be bottlenecking the development of amazing games, Crysis still being the most realistic looking game out their years later Crysis 2 comes out with a Console flare and it hardly looks better.

  5. Master_shake_ says:

    its not hard to beat a 9800 pro… lol

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