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Old September 9, 2008, 06:23 PM
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Default Trying to plan a WC build

Hey all, I'm planning to jump over to water cooling come neha and I'm looking for some thoughts on how I should lay this out.

As of now, I will be mounting a 120.2 at the top of my case to serve the processor alone. I can't imagine the new chips needing more cooling that a 120.2, am I correct here?

Now my main problem is the video cards. I was thinking of putting a 120.3 in the front of my case. The 120.3 will be used to cool my pair of 4870x2's. I'm still unsure if I will go along with wc on the video cards as to the price and the fact that I change cards rather regularly. Would I be better off mounting one 120.2 in the front and one on the bottom? or is a 120.3 enough cooling power for 2 of these?

The second issue is the clearance of the 120.3. As of now I would have to lose my dvd drive for it to fit. I would like the keep the rad internal for portability reasons. This is where the 120.2x2 seems like a good idea.

I thought about mounting my hard drives on the bottom of my case, since I have so much empty space down below my video cards. Is there anything that would allow me to stack them 2 by 2 without the need for screwing them into the front bays of my case?

With the use of 2 rads, would it be a better idea to run them as 2 loops, or would a standard MCP pump be enough to drive the loop with 2 rads and 2 cards?

Dual rads is rather pricey, so I'm wondering if I should even bother watercooling the video cards. As you can probably tell this will be my first water build and am a bit overwhelmed at the moment.:help:

To give you an idea of the space I have: (pictures are with my old GX2 and X-fi, that space is now just the 2 4870x2's)

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Old September 9, 2008, 08:24 PM
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You can cool a pair of 4870X2's with a Pa120.3, but unless you're running some high-powered fans (2500rpm+), you'll find your water temperature is a little higher than most. You'll still be miles ahead of the stock heatsink, though.

Swifttech MCR rads are actually pretty darn close to Thermochills, noticeably thinner, more likely to be in stock, and hell of a lot cheaper. You might want to consider them.

I wouldn't stack hard drives, since it 1) exposes them to each other's vibration, and 2) make it harder for them to dissipate their heat. If you wind up putting a rad in front, a real quick fix is to grab some Mountain Mods hard drive holders, which just bolt on to a regular 120mm fan. They're a little crude, but secure.

Unless your running really restrictive blocks, an MCP pump will handle your cooling needs, although an aftermarket top will give you a lot more flow to play with. You might want to use the MCP355, just to make sure.
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