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Phobia June 23, 2008 06:18 PM

having problems getting the air out of my loop

I can't get the air out.. its been since last night, and i have not noticed any difference... what should i do? Should i try to put a t-line in there some how?

MpG June 23, 2008 06:24 PM

I'm having a hard time telling from the photo, but you have any other reservoir in there besides the one built into the radiator? If not, your case isn't in the right position for the radiator/reservoir unit to work properly. The radiator needs to be aligned so that the filler cap is pointed upwards, otherwise you'll just keep cycling the air through the system.

Once you have the radiator/reservoir aligned the right way, it's should just be a matter of running the pump, letting some air work into the reservoir, turn off the pump, refill, then repeat until the fluid is gone. Those rad/res units do work, although they're not always as fast as a dedicated reservoir.

vinister June 23, 2008 06:27 PM

Unbolt the rad and have a friend hold it upright, keep the lid off and keep it higher than everything else.

pick up the case and rock it to whatever angle you need to for the air to go UP. Air likes going UP.

Its impossible for the bubbles to not come out, they want to come out, the air is begging you to let it out. Just let it go up, thats all it wants to do.

It helps to get it to whatever angle allows the bubble a path upwards, then hold it there and give it a good wiggle. Just shake it, if the bubble is really stuck somewhere you can shake it free.

have fun, dont get wet.

good point posted above, it will never work laying on its side like that. Radiator resevoir must be upright, and up high.

Jack Rabbit June 23, 2008 06:54 PM


Originally Posted by vinister (Post 63769)
Air likes going UP.

Its impossible for the bubbles to not come out, they want to come out, the air is begging you to let it out. Just let it go up, thats all it wants to do.


matsta31 June 23, 2008 07:29 PM

I want what that guy is smoking.

Altough, he is right, you just have to find a way so the bubles go toward the resevoir, move the case aroung until you find a way.

And congrats on your build, nice and clean ! :clap:

3.0charlie June 23, 2008 07:29 PM

That is one of the best explanations I have ever read.

But I have a question: what is that case?

Phobia June 23, 2008 07:52 PM

It was nice and cheap, perfect for it :)

I did finally get it without taking the rad off and putting it on properly. when i first did it, i was skeptical of it working sideways, but i decided to try it anyways. if i put it rightway up, i would have had to raise the whole case up about an inch, because the rad sticks down. I really didn't want to have ot put wheels on it or anything, i like a smaller profile HTPC. I moved the case around for like 10 minutes, trying to get all the bubbles out. When i would flip it one way, the air would go to the rad from 1 tube, but from the other, it would go down.. doh! hah. so, i finally got it so there were NO bubbles in the loop, and i just filled my rad past fillingpoint, to make sure there was no air in it at all :)

Dashock June 23, 2008 08:19 PM

Honestly bro just let the system run either having the power supply hooked up to another computer or if yu can jump it i had a lot of bubbles too and i was freakin out cause i was gettin a soapy liquid i have the mcr-220 with intergrated reservoir i just let it run and rocked it back and forth then i just booted the computer and let prime run for 2-4 hours at a time and let it settle by the next day all the bubbles were gone.

LooseCannon June 24, 2008 12:26 PM

Never let a pump run with alot of the air in the system,it may damage it(By this i mean at least get the majority of the air out by getting the fill port/reservoir to the highest point). The foam in the coolant is normal for the first short while of running.

Phobia June 24, 2008 02:51 PM

thanks guuys, i already got it. there wasn't much air in there, but there was enough that it was noisy and all bubbly

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