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ChuckleBrother May 10, 2008 09:34 PM

Expanding My Loop
My parts have started to arrive, water block and radiator are currently in my possession, just waiting on my radbox, additional tubing, etc.

So my current wonderment is whether I should put my fans on push or pull. I'm using a PA 120.3 radiator with some s-flex fans, to be run on a fan controller(oh lordie, gonna have to do some splicing). I tinkered with the idea of 6 fans total, for push/pull, but for the moment, I will try 3.

So what configuration will be optimal?

MpG May 10, 2008 10:22 PM

At one point, Thermochill had data that showed a "push" configuration to yield about 4% better performance versus "pull". Unfortunately, that data has disappeared on me, and now there's a statement on their site saying that a "pull" configuration is better. :doh:

At any rate, it's a pretty small difference, that much is certain. The built-in shroud that the rads have probably goes a long way towards evening things out. If nothing else, you should try to make the fans are fully sealed against the rad, using either the included gasket or some other kind of adhesive foam tape.

Granite3 May 11, 2008 05:57 PM

I have used a silicone caulking gun with clear silicone. All my rads are inside my case, so I need every cfm I can get.

Just picked up a third swifty rad, as my Q9450 at 3.2 and 2 x 8800 GTX's have pushed temps up to 50c on Prime 95. I think the third rad will get me back to 40, but going to have to mount to the top, no more room in the P180 case.

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