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rjbarker May 28, 2014 08:37 PM

OCD Wins!!! ...Procyon WC Loop Round #2 - Pics
Sorry guys,,,,,I'm not a photographer....still Leak Testing (no papertowels for pics, but no leaks yet...fingers crossed, been almost 6 hrs now, pretty sure we're golden)!!

So Loop:
Photon 170 D5 Combo > CPU > RX480 > 780Ti SLi > EX240 > EX360 > Back to Rez
Maybe picking up a 3rd 780Ti for some Tri SLi fun. so will be good to go!!

Tomorrow I'll get that cable mess tied up and move it back up to the Office, once its up n running I'll take some "Bling Pics" with the UV lights on.
Also the Fill Port Hose will be removed in a couple of days as well...leave it hooked up while it continues to bleed air (micro bubbles).

- No problems getting the Rx 480 up top..a little wiggling to et it in....remember, I left my Mobo and even GPU's installed for the Rad re-works with no issues.....nice having lots of room!!
- Had to get creative with some Fittings to clear RAM (Dominator NOT low profile) for run between CPU and RX480.
- A little tight for my big mitts connecting the EX360 to EX240 down below....patience yes....oh I quit smoking 2 wks ago...wanted one badly today :whistle:
- Added in the BP Ball Valves with blank plugs on each side of the Loop....will be pretty painless draining now. (would like to have had one right down off of a lower Rad, but just didnt work out....no biggie).
- BP Black Sparkle D5 Mod is alright....easy to install, although keeping the Pump Speed Dial available thru one of the holes posed a bit tricky....but figured it out :punk:
- The Outlet on the Rez has a 2 x 45deg elbow but not until about 2" out....T Fitting in there for Ball Valve.
- Inlet on Rez has a multi Angle Snake Fitting...so not too tight of corners.
- No 90's used at all ( 2 x 45's )
- Micro Bubbles should clear up over the next 3 or 4 days as it did before.

* Mounted Rez Higher and against the Mobo Tray....drilled some holes....used 1" standoffs so there is a little clearance between Mobo and Rez / Pump Bracket.....also used rubber washers for vibration dampening and some foam.
* Took 1.75L to fill Loop
* All 3 Rads set up as Intakes (with Dust Filters), also 3 Silverstone Penetrators as Intakes up Front, only a single Noctua 140mm Exhaust.....but 900D loaded with a ton of venting so Positive Pressure should push any heat out :thumb:













ZZLEE May 28, 2014 08:53 PM

No leaks yay. looken good.

rjbarker May 28, 2014 09:01 PM

Yeah still have to connect Drives and clean up cabling...I'll let her run overnight though...gotta give my fingertips a breaks!!!

ZZLEE May 28, 2014 09:08 PM

If I was more OCD water cooling would have cost Less. Soul has my old board I think he cleaned it up and it still Lives.
Keep looking fore leaks. It is looken good.

rjbarker May 28, 2014 09:35 PM

I'd be embarrassed to say what I've shelled out with this "new hobby" ;) .....Fittings alone.....!!!

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