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CORE May 13, 2014 09:38 PM

Final Build List: Input very much wanted!
UPDATE: Thread recycle
Hey guys,

After reading and researching more on watercooling. I finally made a list of things I would like to be part of my build. I really need your final input about it and any incompatibilities with the setup. Here are the list of parts:

CPU Block: Koolance 380i
GPU Block: EKWB GTX lightning 2pcs
Pump: Aquacomputer D5 with USB
Top: EK D5 X-TOP CSQ plexi
Res: Aquacomputer aqualis ECO 150 ml
Fittings: XSPC 3/8 x 5/8 straight fittings 12pcs
Spacer/Extender: Bitspower 25mm male/female extender
Radiator: Watercool Mo Ra 3 9*120mm
Fans: 4x Silverstone AP181
GPU link: EK-FC terminal dual serial 3-slot
Tubing: Primoflex Advance LRT 3/8 x 5/8

I have a couple of questions:
1. Do I need extenders for the reservoir? I am afraid there might be a space issue with the compression fitting I want to used.
2. Would 10ft of tubing be enough for this? I plan to make Mo-Ra a stand alone unit, but not too far from the whole PC
3. I would greatly appreciate any input!

Thread recycle!


Hey guys,

Its been awhile since I have been active in this forum. I just have a few noob-ish question regarding watercooling. I recently have an overclocked 4930k at 4.5ghz with 1.38vcore. It is cooled by a swiftech H320. However, I would like to create a custom loop that would cool my two 780 lightnings aswell. I am fitting the loop inside a carbide 540. Here are the parts I am looking to buy:
CPU block: Koolance 380i
GPU block: EkWB 780 lightning
PUMP: Aquacomputer D5 with USB/TOP/RES
Rads: 1xST30 360mm and 1xST30 240mm OR 1x XT45 360mm and 1x XT45 240mm.

Thank you,

Footman May 14, 2014 06:02 AM

Just to compare systems, I have a pair of R9-290's in crossfire and a 3770K all overclocked and watercooled. My WC system is based around a Swiftech Apogee ll Drive (similar to the unit that the H320 has), an Alphacool ST30 360 rad at the top and an Alphacool XT45 240 rad at the bottom of my case. The thinner rad is push only and the XT45 is push and pull. I have a bay reservoir. My temps are great, the cpu hovers around the 62C mark during benchmarking and the video cards around mid 50's....

The pump you have should be fine for your loop, how many rads and what sized rads are you planning on in total?

The Alphacool rads are all copper, ST 30's are a thin rad, I would want a minimum of 1 x 360 and 1 x 240 rads at 30mm thickness for this set up. Perhaps 2 x 240 rads if you can go 45mm (alt: 1 x 360 and 1 x 120)

lowfat May 14, 2014 07:27 AM

The difference between the st30 and xt45 will be a degree at the most. Radiator thickness has very little impact on performance.

A single d5 would definitely be sufficient.

CORE May 14, 2014 08:15 AM

Hello guys,

Thanks for your answers. I was wondering if a 360mm and 240mm rad would produce good to average results temperature wise? I read different suggestions about the radiator size per major component. Some say 120mm per component while others suggest 240mm. Can the setup I am planning to get sufficiently cool my hardware to produce decent results?


Footman May 14, 2014 10:52 AM

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Originally Posted by lowfat (Post 765751)
The difference between the st30 and xt45 will be a degree at the most. Radiator thickness has very little impact on performance.

A single d5 would definitely be sufficient.

I'm seeing a greater delta than this in my current setup. A thicker rad will need fans with higher static pressure to get the best from them. I have Corsair SP 120mm fans all round at 12v. I managed to replace one of my ST30 360 rads with an XT45 240mm rad and am still getting at lower temps by 2-3C than I did with the pair of ST30 360 rads.
In fact I had a previous build in Feb 14 that had the 360mm ST30 at the top, an ST30 120 at the back and a 140mm ST30 at the bottom and my current setup is 8C cooler at full load on the cpu (prime95).

If you have room then I would rather use a 45mm thick rad, significantly larger surface area to dissipate heat, however this rad needs to be paired with decent fans to get the best from it.

Footman May 14, 2014 10:56 AM

The TDP on an overclocked 3770K and a pair of R9-290's would be similar to the TDP of your components, my system is fine with a 360 rad and a 240 rad. The videocards never go above mid 50's C when gaming and the cpu rarely hits mid 60's..... I have the fans running at around 1450rpm and my pump at around 2600rpm so all is quiet too.

CORE May 21, 2014 08:22 PM

Thread updated! Bump and input please!!:biggrin::biggrin:

lowfat May 21, 2014 09:08 PM

@Footman if you were getting higher temperatures w/ an ST30 3x120mm than you getting w/ an XT45 2x120mm something else was the matter. Without a doubt the ST30 3x120mm should be able to disperse significantly more heat than an XT45 2x120mm. Probably 40-45% more. In the pic above you have WAY too much exhausting air. Radiators should always be bringing fresh air in to the case. Even if that means a whole lot of positive pressure.

clshades May 21, 2014 09:18 PM

this rad is supposed to be unreal. Low RPM fans work really good too. RX360 Triple Fan Radiator V3 ? XSPC - Performance PC Water Cooling
I would suggest getting at least 4x 45* adapters and a couple 90*.(cpu to rad connection and rad to pump depending on location of pump) I like using extenders on the rads only because after the fans get installed it can to be tough to get your fingers in there to tighten up fittings (compression), install clamps (barb), get the tubing on the fittings etc. Inevitably you will need a couple 45's from the cpu to the video card as it almost always ends up being 2x 45*. It's easy to think that a water loop can be installed with out angled adapters. Yes you can loop it but it's still a tight bend sometimes impossible other times ugly.

Angled adapters:
A/ it adds less tubing to the build
B/ it will not add as much restriction as you might think

Looping connections
A/ Some bend radius' look bad and others just don't work requiring you to completely redo the loop after you have cut up half your tubing.

These style work really good imo because you can add any type of fitting to it (barb or compression)
Install a drain port somewhere... off the lowest part of the build if possible. Tee fittings work good (4 fittings, one drain port) or if you want to save money on parts use a port off a video card. (one fittings, one drain port)

my 2 cents.

CORE May 21, 2014 09:32 PM


Thanks for the input. I would take the adapters into consideration. I was wondering since I already maximized my budget of ~1000$ for this setup.
A couple of questions for you:

1. Would those aquatuning or alphacool compression fittings be good enough? I want to get those 45 or 90, but the price of bitspower or any angled at dazmode takes 10-20% of my budget. I am just scared to get those from aquatuning ones or alphacool because they might leak.

1.1 Any thoughts about the value pack of the feser company angled adapters from daz? https://www.dazmode.com/store/produc...ck_of_4_black/

2. I was planning to mount the MoRa 3 externally; hence, I did not anticipate very tight bends.

3. For the drain port, I was thinking that the bottom port of the MoRa3 would be enough for the draining.

Thanks !

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