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Hutch April 28, 2008 07:50 AM

Thermochill PA120.3
Looking for somewhere in Canada to buy a terhmochill PA120.3, neither directcanada.com nor ncix.com have them in stock. Is there anywhere else I can purchase this and receive it by Friday evening? If not, an equally good alternative.

MpG April 28, 2008 11:30 AM

Friday is pushing it in any event, but Sidewinder Computers has them in stock right now, and they're definitely one of the better US order sites. Of course, you'll pay a little more S&H and a few bucks in border crossing. But if you're dead set on a Thermochill, that might be one of your faster options, because reorders invariably take a loooooong time for any retailer.

3.0charlie April 28, 2008 04:35 PM

I second Sidewinder Computers - Gary and the gang are great to deal with. Got a problem? Gary will answer. And they ship very fast.

ChuckleBrother April 29, 2008 07:25 PM

Been looking at getting some stuff there, since they have the PA 120.3 and the Fuzion, do you get any brokerage costs when you ship USPS?

3.0charlie April 29, 2008 07:34 PM

No brokerage costs, but Customs yes.

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