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Muddy Mux January 27, 2013 08:31 AM

New to WC, got a list, need advise
Well as stated i am new to this water cooling thing, but it sure is exciting stuff!
So i have my current system, and i have a dream about getting it liquid cooled. So i've made a list of components after lots of reading and watching on Youtube, to see if i have moved in the right direction with this. First i need to say i care a lot about the aesthetics of my system, so i had to keep that in mind or else i would just not WC it at all. So mostly i am doing this to make it even more quite and the headroom for OC will just be a (big) bonus for me. But here is the list, questions will follow after:
CPU Block - XSPC RayStorm - XSPC RayStorm High Performance Acetal CPU Liquid Cooling Block - Intel (Sockets LGA 1155 / 1156 / 1366 / 2011) - FrozenCPU.com
GPU Block - XSPC Razor GTX 670 Full Coverage (will probably also get the backplate from XSPC) - XSPC Razor nVidia GTX 670 Full Coverage VGA Block - Reference Design - FrozenCPU.com
Rads - Koolance single and dual 140mm Copper High Flow Radiator (30 fpi) - Koolance Single 140mm Copper High Flow Radiator - Black (HX-CU1401V) (No Nozzles) - FrozenCPU.com and Koolance Dual 140mm Copper High Flow Radiator - Black (No Nozzles) (HX-CU1402V) - FrozenCPU.com
Reservoir/pump combo - Koolance RP-1250 Reservoir & pump for 5.25" bay - Koolance RP-1250 Reservoir & Pumps in 5.25" Bay - Black - FrozenCPU.com
Fittings - I have thought about Swiftech Lok-Seal, i like the looks, and from their whitepaper they look promising especially for a newcomer:biggrin:
Tubing - It's important that it's white, i saw that XSPC have white tubing in various sizes, which should do fine?
Coolant - Well this confuses me the most, some say distilled water, some say to get with chemicals to prevent growths in the loop, on this i will need some clarification.

So questions:
I have chosen the rads based on the size (300mm thick) which will help a lot to get them fitted without any problems, and they won't look bulky in my rig, since i prefer a slick and clean look. I thought that running those two will make me able to turn down the fan speed, and keep them quiet and still get it all cooled well?
The reservoir/pump combo, i've read that i will need a minimum of flow, but my math skills haven't done me well enough to let me figure out if that pump would do it for me? Also if it's not, i would like something in the same area, since i would like my pump and res to be out from the inside if you will, and the controls on the front is just a really big bonus, so i can control it all from the front of my case.
Fittings, well i would like them in black, as writen above the Swiftech ones seem like a fine choice?
Coolant, i don't know where to start or where to end, seems like it's a personal preference, or can someone shine some light on the matter for me?:biggrin:
So think that's it, i have done some work with measuring tape to check the space and from my above choices it all checks out. Also i have attached some photos, of my system now and a drawing of my thoughts on my hopefully new WC setup. There you can also see the color scheme and the idea of how i want my rig to look like.
Oh, i've better mention that it's getting build in a Fractal Design R4 case.
Hope there is some WC gurus that can take alittle time to help out a newcomer in this crazy buisness of WC'ing:haha:
Photos of current rig, and drawing on my thoughts about the whole setup:
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dandelioneater January 27, 2013 10:42 AM

I think you are on the right track with the water cooling loop design. Another option instead of the single 140mm radiator on the rear exhaust area would be to put a 240mm up top. Aesthetically it will look better and give you some more cooling capacity. Just a thought :thumb:. As far a coolant goes, I've always used Distilled water with a bit of swiftech hydrX for anticorrosion and lubrication of the pump.

brewer265@ January 27, 2013 11:01 AM

Save yourself $115 and go this way instead of that res/pump combo.
Koolance RP-401X2 Single 5.25" Reservoir for 1-2 PMP-400 Pumps (Rev 1.1) - FrozenCPU.com

Koolance PMP-400 3/8" ID Native Liquid Cooling Pump (PMP-400) - FrozenCPU.com

lowfat January 27, 2013 11:02 AM

If you care about silence Koolance radiators are a bad choice. They have too high of a fin density. Pretty much makes high speed fans a requirement for it to perform well.


Originally Posted by brewer265@ (Post 686932)

He loses the display plus the fan controller this way. He can also easily open up the RP-1250 and replace the pump w/ another DDC3.2 if it ever dies.

Hooded January 27, 2013 11:11 AM

Sounds like you know what your after and have put a fair bit of thought into your parts list.
Not sure of your location, but if your in Canada then you'll save a ton on shipping if you buy your stuff from DazMode Canada's water cooling specialist store.

For coolants distilled water with a Kill-coil(Pure Silver Wire as natural biocide) and DazMode's Protector for corrosion prevention and lube for seals and pumps.

Being a Canuck I always try to buy from a Canadian source first.

Muddy Mux January 27, 2013 12:19 PM

Thanks for all the quick responses:biggrin:
dandelioneater: Well i thought about that, but the R4 is not the most spacy case inside sadly, maybe a bad choice for water cooling but love the design. I am not sure i would be able to fit the rad with fans on in the top, without it conflicts with my mobo, but will try take some measurements when i get home next weekend, btw i am only gonna run with a single layer of fans on each rad, think that will cut it?

brewer265@: i had a look at that, the reason i didn't go that way was because it wouldn't fit in lookwise, and i would rather pay 100 buks more and be totally satisfied with looks, or else i would drive me crazy in a week and i would order something else anyways:haha: Talking as the guy that could have gone with a set of Corsair Vengeance memory with my needs, but got a set of Dominator Platinum instead, because they look sooo much nicer.

lowfat: I've read that somewhere, i just hoped that by running a single and a dual i would get enough heat dissipation so i could run at a lower fan speed and then reduce the noise. When i started i had my eyes on these: Swiftech MCRx40 "Quiet Power" Dual 140mm Radiator - Black (MCR240-QP) - FrozenCPU.com
But as mentioned above space is a little restricted in the R4, but think i would be able to fit this and its single counterpart inside, with single layer of fans. Would that be a better choice for low noise and fan speed?

Hooded: I am from Denmark, so no matter what i will have to order from somewhere else than here, since there is no marked at all for water cooling here apparently, or atleast no of our suppliers think so, so the range of available parts is just a joke:blarg:

Btw, i was thinking i may needed some extra info on my cooling needs, as you probably can see i have a gtx 670, just a standard EVGA, for CPU i am running a i5-3570k no OC (yet atleast) and mobo is a ASUS P8Z77-V Deluxe (so have the heatsinks which would make a conflict dandelioneater:biggrin:). If any other parts is needed for you to give the best advise just tell me:biggrin:

EDIT: For the part about getting silver to kill stuff, i found this little fellow: Monsoon .999 Fine Silver Bullet Antimicrobial G 1/4 Plug - Black (MON-PLUG-AG-BLK) - FrozenCPU.com
Thought it was a very clever way to handle that part?:biggrin:

lowfat January 27, 2013 01:35 PM

The Swiftech QPs would be a significant improvement over the Koolance radiators. The thing w/ 140mm radiators is you need to pay attention to the spacing in between the fans. Swiftech uses 16mm between each fan hole on their radiators. A lot of cases use 20mm. Make sure you check to see if the radiator will actually mount in the case.

Muddy Mux January 28, 2013 12:20 AM

I will remember that when i am gonna make the new measurements, thanks for the heads up.
For the single rad there shouldn't be problems since its made for 140mm fan mounting, the front is just a holder if you will where you usually just place the fans in, so maybe i will need to make a tiny mod, but else it should just slip right in there, hopefully.
But will see next weekend when i have the time to check my options. But will put the Swiftech rads on my list instead then:biggrin:
Btw, anyone knows some good quite fans for these rads? I have Corsair SP140 Quiet edition laying around right now, but if anyone has some better ideas i am open for suggestions. Noctua is out of the question only because of their awful colors, but else as long as they are either plain black or prefered black frame with white blades. No LED fans since i would give me more light in my case than i would like to:biggrin:

EDIT: I stumble over these rads from XSPC, XSPC EX280 Dual 140mm Low Profile Split Fin Radiator - FrozenCPU.com, anyone have any experience with these, since they are only 320mm thick and optimized for low fan speed, even tho it's only 20mm less than Swiftech mentioned earlier it all counts in a tight case. And also, i remember something about it's bad to mix different metals in your loop, where aluminium is some of the worst? With the stuff i got on the list atm, i would get brass and copper in my loop, just how this will effect the loop? :biggrin:

Muddy Mux February 3, 2013 12:33 PM

So i thought i would just make an update on my final shoppinglist.
CPU Block - XSPC RayStorm Acetal block.
GPU Block - XSPC Razor GTX670 Full Coverage Block, with the Razor backplate.
Rads - Dual and Single 140mm XSPC EX Low Profile Split Fin Rad.
Fans - BitFenix Spectre Pro 140mm, White.
Reservoir/Pump/Controller - Koolance RP-1250
Fittings - Swiftech Lok-Seal Compression Fittings, Black.
Tubing - PrimoChill PrimoFlex Advance LRT Tubing 3/8"ID x 5/8"OD, White.
Coolant - Distilled Water with a IandH Silver KillCoil.

The only concern i have is about the fans, but after reading and watching on Youtube, they don't seem all that bad (atleast they are very quite, which is a big plus), so gonna try out and see how they perform, else they are easy to replaced.
And after looking at the total cost, i was gladly surprised that i will probably make my order next month.
So if i have overlooked something stupid you are welcome to give a heads up about it, else i will probably make a work log with the process and final setup when i get time to put it all together:biggrin:

lowfat February 3, 2013 12:55 PM

Looks good to me eh.

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