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marquee January 10, 2013 08:08 AM

Mac Pro water cooling.
Hi canucks.

Its been many years since I last modded a case, this one is epic. I am glad to see there is a strong modding and hardware community in Canada.

So couple of months ago I had the chance to pick up a Apple 2006 Mac Pro. Still working with dual xeon 2.66ghz. I picked this case up and really had a hard time deciding if I should mod it because it was still working. Well once the screw drivers came out and 4 hours had gone by there was no going back.:doh:

So far I cut holes for the windows, cut holes for the mother board tray. I am almost finished mounting the mother board tray and its time to start thinking about the cooling.

Water cooling is a must, not sure what hardware will be in this case but for sure one cpu and maybe 2 gpus all water cooled.. With the space I have from the motherboard tray to the front of the case I can put dual 240 rad or extra think single 240 rad. I am thinking dual swiftech MCR220-XP or single Alphacool NexXxoS Monsta 240. what are your thoughts on that?

Next is pump, I still have a working Ehiem 1250. Is it worth upgrading to somthing like a D5 or ddc?

Last question I had is, where can I get aluminum 1"-3/4" corn beads or corner guards in . Like this pic

I will start posting pics of a work log once the rad is ordered and motherboard tray is mounted.

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