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Fudd Rucker December 28, 2012 03:38 PM

H80i Link cable

Got my H80i in today and the install was relativly easy after a few minor case mods. But I have come across a problem, well not quite a problem just an inconviance. I have everything crammed into my mini itx build, but my mobo only has one onboard usb 2.0 header (not sure why they didnt put 2 headers and left out the TPM module header) and the USB 3.0 header both of which are being used for my front paenl, so I had to forgo the link cable. Well these SP120s are much too loud for my liking.

So I was wondering, could I change the end out of the link cable to a standard usb port and then run a cable through the back to a usb port without any issues? I dont see why I would. Just thought I would get a second input on this before I muck up a board and watercooling unit lol.

AkG December 28, 2012 03:42 PM

Cant see why that would not work....though another option is an internal USB hub.

Amazon.com: NZXT IU01 Internal USB Expansion (Black): Electronics


Fudd Rucker December 28, 2012 03:53 PM

wow thanks for the quick reply.

I def think ill go that route as my lack of onboard usb headers is quite limiting as I wanted to get an internal 5.25" card reader. Def an excellent cooler though. Looking into it, I could even eliminate getting a 5.25" bay reader and just throw a couple of cards on it with the stuff I wanted it for. Be really nice to always have a few internal flash cards with an image of my primary HDD and a copy of windows and other utilites if I really need it and never lose the bloody things.

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