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Generic User #2 December 6, 2012 12:40 AM

Which Noctua Fan for H80i?
I was looking into getting a H80i for my SG07. I currently have a NH-C14 with a bottom-mounted ULNAed P14. It is too loud still; the system sounds louder than my little brother's R4 with a full-speed P14 on a H80. I will only be putting one fan on the H80i due to space and, more importantly, noise concerns. I don't need great temps, just something noticably better than stock; I usually say <80 degrees running prime.

Anyhow, I was thinking of getting the F12 or the new A15. The F12 has hugely greater static pressure, but I'm not sure if it's needed and I don't know if the fan works with the ULNA (it doesn't come with it). In any case, I imagine it will be way louder than my current setup. I haven't heard anything about the A15, but it seems to be the replacement for the P14 I have now. As well, the A15 is PWM, so it would be quieter during low load scenarios? Never used a PWM fan for my system personally, but I've heard others complaining of electrical whine. Is this an issue inherent to PWM fans or does it depend on the quality of the circuitry in the fan? If the latter, does Noctua have good components?

Also, how well does the H80i and the Corsair Link software work with non-stock fans? I remember having issues with the H80 where my cousin's NF-F12s were connected to the pump and only very, very rarely ramped down their RPMs no matter what setting we chose on the pump. I seem to remember others having similiar issues; is this a problem with the new unit? How well does the Corsair Link software work?

Cost is not an issue.


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