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SKYMTL December 5, 2012 10:10 PM

Corsair Hydro H60 & H55 Review Comment Thread
Corsair's Hydro series is getting a minor refresh with the H55 and new H60 taking over from the previous generation's H50 and H60 respectively. Priced at just $70 and $80 they target the entry-level gamer who wants increased cooling performance for overclocking and easy installation.

Read more here: http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum...55-review.html

terrybear December 6, 2012 03:19 AM

Good review, sounds like there good units ...

my only problem with the review to note ...... lists/mentioned AMD 1090T rig in test setup ... but no results for the units on it. :blarg:

Soultribunal December 6, 2012 07:01 AM

I think you can sum up the H60 by saying 'Balance'. It is a blend of being good enough for everything one can hope to achieve for that price point. I really think the refinement of these AIO's has come a long way, and Corsair has helped pioneer that with its partners.

Going to agree that the H55's mounting design is antiquated....after all my H50 uses that, and that is over 2 years old now....Astek needs to update how they retain these to the board.


SKYMTL December 6, 2012 07:10 AM


Originally Posted by terrybear (Post 675787)
Good review, sounds like there good units ...

my only problem with the review to note ...... lists/mentioned AMD 1090T rig in test setup ... but no results for the units on it. :blarg:

You are correct. It was used for the AMD Installation portion but it shouldn't be in the Test System area.

Varroa December 6, 2012 11:29 AM

Any idea if installing the rad upside down will void your warranty? When I installed my Coolit eco that way I was told it voided my warranty and it was the reason it failed.

Galcobar December 7, 2012 09:33 PM

I notice the installation description for both models are explicit in including LGA 775 as a supported socket, but neither of the specification tables list it among the Intel sockets.

The installation photos for the H55, at least on my screen, aren't quite large/sharp enough to read the notation on the backplate bracket for which holes to use for which sockets.

On a related note, what about compatibility for FM2, which is also not listed among the supported AMD sockets (I can't recall having seen anything authoritative on whether or not FM1 and FM2 use the same mounting dimensions for coolers)?

Typo noted: dual fan chart subtitle "... Inisde a Case"

AkG December 7, 2012 09:47 PM

Good catch Calcobar on the chart. It has been updated.

I will check again on the sockets supported. It could be that between the product brief I received early on and the final product that 775 was dropped...and it simply slipped through the cracks.


Damn. Just checked the hardware and you are indeed right, 775 for BOTH the H55 and H60 got dropped somewhere along the way. Its now only AMD and Intel 1155/1156/2011 sockets that are supported out of the box. VERY strange for Corsair to drop support like this. :sad:

I apologize for this and have notified Skymtl to make the necessary corrections to the reviews.

MoboHobo December 7, 2012 09:56 PM

It will fit the FM2 as it is the same socket as AM3, AM3+ with different pin count. I've had H100 on A10-5800k and FM2 isn't listed for it :thumb:

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