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Default Ma***Racers Guide to Online WaterCooling Stores

Ma***Racers Guide to Online WaterCooling Stores

As many users who are new to watercooling have not a clue where to buy different components, here is a nice list of websites that stock different watercooling parts and other things essential for watercooling.

The Link to the store is followed by what components they sell and any comments I have about them.

A general note here: I personally really like cooltechnica as a store for their wide selection of components and excelent service.

USA Based Stores
1. CoolTechnica - ships worldwide - stocks all common watercooling parts minus D5 and Thermochill radiators
2. Danger Den -DD, HWLabs rads, Thermochill rads, D5, DDC, Ehiem, Hydor - They sometimes screw up orders (more so than they should) but are very good about correcting any errors.
3. CrazyPC - good site but limited watercooling selection
4. Frozen CPU - They have almost everything but they are the most expensive across the board
5. ModdersMart - formerly known as Voyeurmods t - Carries some watercooling parts, including Swiftechs full line and heatercores. More recently reports of poor buisness practices have been reported about vouyermods. Will state product in stock when infact it is not and charge CC before shipment and even before they have the product in their possesion. After their name change to moddersmart no new information about their buisness practices is available.
6. SNT-Systems Good site for Euro watercooling gear in the U.S.
7. Jab-Tech - Best fan selection EVER, with a good selection of watercooling components - Excelent customer service
8. D-Tek Customs - wide selection of components including the WW.
9. HighSpeed PC - Entire line of Innovatek components (I do NOT reccomend these components)
10. Performance PC's - Wide selection of watercooling components as well as case modding gear
11. Xoxide - minimal watercool selection, large selection of case modding gear and cases.
12. Directron - large selection of watercooling companies as well as full on computer hardware site
13. Case-Mod - Not really reccomended for watercooling components, but has large selection of accesorries that you might need for your case/
14. Silicon Valley Compucycle - Asetek, Cooler Master, Koolance, Swiftech, PolarFLO and Thermaltake.
15. Petra's Tech Shop - Owned by our very own Petra, his shop has pretty much every watercooling item I reccomend, including pumps, blocks, tubing, fans, and everything else. If you want a one stop shop with compeititve prices, Petra's is for you. They are also the only known shop that stocks Silverprop in the USA.
16. Sidewinder Computer Systems - Sidewinder carries the full line of Swiftech products (including TEC's) barring their radiators. They also carry a wide selection of case hardware/accessories and air coolers for thos interested.

Canadian Based Stores
1. New Type Computer Workshop - not much info on this site but they do stock Swiftech components
2. Big Foot Computers - Large selection of watercoling components from DD and Swiftech
3. NCIX- Large selection of Swiftech and DangerDen components

UK Based Stores
1. Over-Clock UK - premier watercooling place in the UK. Home to thermochill
2. The Cooling Shop - Large selection of asetek parts and black ice radiators
3. CoolerCases - full selection of American waterblocks from danger den, D5, DDC, Thermochill, HW Labs
4. WaterCooling Shop - Incredible selection of components from the US, UK and Europe.
5. C&C Central LTD - They stock DD and EK waterblocks as well as selling alpha cool and thermochill rads (if you have any info on their quality of service PM me)

Aussie Based Stores
1. PC Case Gear - small to medium selection of watercoling components
2. David and karmas PC Cooing - One of the most well known and well stocked Watercooling outlets in Australia
3. Chilled PC - Moderate selection of watercooling components, with a large number of kits
4. Below Zero - Small selection of watercoling, but stocks most Silverprop products.

International Buyers
For those of you who are looking to setup a watercooling system, but dont have any local stores I highly reccomend Petra's Tech Shop. Many of our forum members from all around the world have reported excellent from Petra's

Tubing, Fittings, and Clamps in USA - Great Prices

5/8" T-Line - Part Number -----------------------------------5463K613
Worm Drive Clamps for 1/2" based systems - Part Number -----5011T161
1/2" Id 3/4" OD clearflex 60 --------------------------------- 5231K237
5/8" OD Barb to 3/4 NPSM (NPT compatible) fitting (for iwaki)--5365K62
5/8" T-Line Plug. Has 5/8" Outer Diameter---------------------48315K11
Masterkleer Pvc Tubing, 7/16" Id, 5/8" Od --------------------5233K44
Pan Head Phillips Sheet Metal Screw, Black, #6 Size, 1-1/4"----90935A155 - For mounting 25mm thick fans to HWlabs, Thermochill, Swiftech and Coolingworks Radiators (Newer Swiftech rads use m3.5 machine screws, but the lenght is correct)

U.S. Zerex Supplier - Great Prices
Barnett Performance - 6.98 per bottle (32oz) or 35 dollars for a case (6 bottles). Shipping is a flat rate of 7.75 for continental USA

WorldWide BlackList
1. Criticool -shady owner, seriously screwed over - currently out of buisness with unknown return date.

I Closed this thread so that It does not get jumbled up with a bunch of posts. If you have any aditions or want links for other countries not on the List just send me a PM and I will get right on it.

Special thanks goes out to aca, RaptorRaider, Jinu17, Necromonger, Squid_Spit, 1031.nu, and Atomicpineapple
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