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ultraman7k May 11, 2012 03:51 PM

interested in antec/corsair series water cooling
Hi guys,

Thinking of taking the plunge into these all in one solutions for watercooling. I don't really ever see myself going the hardcore route of having separate reservoirs, pumps, etc so I think this might be the best solution for me.

Just trying to get a few feelers for the various products out there.

Currently I am using a Coolermaster V6GT, and it is the loudest fan inside my case at the moment, unless I ramp up the 6970. But for idle use, the V6GT is louder than I like. It cools great, but I wonder if there are quieter solutions out there.

Basically I've been scouring the net reading reviews on the different cooling systems and I think I've narrowed it down to Antec 920 vs Corsair H100/H80.

By all accounts and reviews these water cooling ones are REALLY loud when cranked. I don't think I've ever cranked or had my V6GT cranked to the max, so that doesn't concern me.

Basically what I am looking for is the quietest solution. Having my computer about 2 meters from my bed doesn't let me leave it on all night, as it's too loud.

I think based on the reviews done by HWC, my V6GT clocks in at about 49.9 db average. The w/c units seem to be about 7-10 db quieter. My question is, is that a big enough difference? I'm not so sure I have a frame of reference for myself.

If anyone has any experience with Antec/Corsair w/c I'd love to hear what they think. Would you ever consider going back to air? Was the difference in noise from air that much more noticeable?

At the moment I am leaning more towards Antec due to the fact you can modify the fan settings via software without having to open the case to push the button on the Corsairs. Any reason I should chose either over the other?


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