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Post [Bundymania User Review] Tecnofront Torpedo Reservoir

Hi guys and welcome to another review coming straight from my lab. Today, I want to show you the new reservoir by Teconofront, the “Torpedo”.

Itʼs another reservoir in the popular cylindrical form, but with a few specials.

The scope of delivery:
The reservoir comes in only one size (150mm high, 50mm diameter) for around 35 to the watercooling shops. It features two threads for fittings on the bottom and another one on the top. It also comes with two black barbs for tubing of 10mm inner diameter, looking a lot like Perfect Seal-fittings, while not grasping the tubing as tight, two mounting clamps, a spare sealing cap for the usually unused thread and the screws and nuts for mounting.
The packaging consists of just a very environmentally friendly cardboard box, also helping to keep the price low.

Letʼs take a look at the highlights:

Letʼs start with the system for mounting the reservoir to the case. Other than the mounting mechanism weʼre used to, the mounting clamps on this reservoir donʼt grab the acrylic glass, but only two slots in the acetal. This gives us a few advantages:

- No more scratches in the acrylic glass!
- No breaking clamps
- No obstruction of the view
- No more slipping reservoirs

And it also offers one more, important advantage: It just looks very high-quality and massive. The clamps are screwed to the case with two screws each.


And hereʼs another highlight: The filling aid on the top of the reservoir. As already known from other reservoirs by Tecnofront, thereʼs a slot on the top that helps you with filling the reservoir without spilling any water. As itʼs not that easy to screw of the top to fill it, this is a great idea to help with this issue.

Another bonus point: The reservoirʼs incredibly great build quality. Iʼve held a lot of reservoirs in my hands, but only selected few were able to keep up to this premium quality. I couldnʼt find any spots on the entire reservoir showing a fault. And even though the entire reservoir is made out of plastic, it still feels like youʼre holding something of a really high quality in your hands. Only the tube itself looks a bit blue…but this can barely be seen when itʼs filled, which is also the case for the few superficial traces of the milling.

Last but not least: the feature that really makes this reservoir unique. In the top, there is a little cover. The water entering the reservoir this way now has to flow over this cover before travelling downwards, pushing it to the inner walls of the reservoir, where it finally flows down. The less water you have in your reservoir, the more impressive this effect looks like, but even in a reservoir thatʼs almost full you can spot it very well.
While this doesnʼt only look very interesting, it also helps avoiding fogged up inner walls and reduces the ripple in the reservoir. When you combine this feature with a lighting module, you receive an almost unique play of lights in your case, which lives up to the reservoirʼs name.

Overall this is a reservoir, which really impressed me. The rather low price, combined with the great quality and the nice features makes this a recommendation for all of you that have seen enough of the standard tube reservoirs. As itʼs also rather small, even users of small cases can buy it without worries.
The only thing I disliked was the fact, that because of the way this reservoir is mounted, you canʼt really choose where to put the mounting clamps, not allowing you to use any holes that might already be in your case and forcing you to drill new ones.

Still, this canʼt taint the overall impression I got of this reservoir. The Torpedo is just another impressive example of the little Italian company Tecnofrontʼs expertise when it comes to reservoirs – and especially great innovations.

Here you can see a Videoclip from the Reservoir:

YouTube - Tecnofront Torpedo Reservoir

Thanks to www.tecnofront.com sending me the Testsample
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Looking pretty sweet
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Yea i'm pretty drawn to how well built this looks. I'll have to give Daz a ring and see about getting one of these :)
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