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HiTi January 16, 2012 08:16 PM

Stuck in a rut, need suggestions please
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K where to start.
I got 2 pumps (ddc and D5) and 2 tube style reservoirs( that won't fit where I want now ) and 2 radiators (a rx360 and Phobya 200mm) and I am having a helluva time deciding what to go with now.
I have tons of ideas but can't decide on any of them and just need a smack in the right direction to get me focused and get this machine done so I can use it.

I've read so much debate on parallel and serial for the gpu's it was making my head spin...everyone has different opinions on it. If I use the gpus on a separate loop it's not going to matter anyway is it? And if not...is the 200 mm enough for 2 6970's? (no overclocking on the gpu's)

IS there such a thing as a decent bay style combo top for both the ddc and d5? I'm sure there is lots of positive stories out there, but all I can find are the bad ones where the glue lets go, or horrible vibration. I'm currently looking at these for the D5 and something equivalent for the ddc.
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Or am I better of trying to make the tube style work?

I know everyone thinks the coolit elites suck ass,,,,but my temps have always been decent when that was part of the loop. SO if I was to do two loops, I would use the D5 for the gpu's (flow) and the ddc for the elite and cpu (pressure) Is this correct or should it be the other way around?

And lastly...I can't come up with a decent flow diagram mentally for the system...that at least doesn't look like crap. Below is a pic of what I have to work with.
Any suggestions on the res/bay res and tubing routing would be GREATLY appreciated.
None of the wiring is even close to finished either...:angry2:

Silent_Avenger January 16, 2012 09:03 PM

I would probably stay away from res/pump combos and try to make your res work and use the D5 pump. Plus once/if the pump dies usually you have to replace the whole thing rather than buying or upgrading to a new pump. I've seen loops go res>pump>top mounted rad>CPU>rear exhaust mounted rad>GPUs>res. Of course every one is different but you shouldn't need 2 loops unless doing some heavy overclocking or you have some high restrictive parts in your loop. Easy thing to do is take a full side picture then open up MS paint or similar program and start tracing out the paths of your tubing. Much easier than cutting tubing then changing your mind half way through. :thumb:

KaptCrunch January 16, 2012 09:32 PM

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d5 with a top with g1/4 ports

clshades January 16, 2012 10:16 PM

You know what I'd like to see Hiti. Single 360 rad, single resi. Supplying 2 pumps for 2 loops. I'd sure like to test the parallel thing personally. I'm wondering if the Y-adapter is closer the the rad and further from the pumps if it would help.

All of the tests I have seen the Y-adapter is directly after the pumps so the pumping power of dual pumps is never really realized. Either that or dual inlets for the rad so that the pressure loss thing becomes null.

I have a couple pumps I can play with I just need to put a few parts together and modify a rad.

gingerbee January 17, 2012 06:45 AM

pump---bottom gpu--- top gpu---cpu---rad---res and i am pretty sure i see the rad in the top of your case by going to the cards you wont get the greatest cpu idle temps but it's not really going to affect much cause your loop will heat up to what temp it's going to idle at and that's your base temp any way

Masteroderus January 17, 2012 08:48 AM

It's the other way around, D5 for flow for cpu block and ddc for pressure for gpu loop.

Here's how I like to think of it. Your cpu is pretty damn hot (if it's good) and pretty damn small! Now your gpus are really hot too, but think how much bigger a full cover block is. It can have a significantly higher mass of water over its heat exchange area and therefore does not need as high as flow as the cpu block.

I don't know if you can safely serialize a D5 with a ddc or if it will blow up. But if you could, I would try and do a kick ass serial loop. 1/2 the work to drain a well build serial loop than 2 parallel loops. Like 360 rad -> cpu -> 200mm rad -> gpu1 -> gpu2 -> reservoir -> pump.

Or a parallel loop taking advantage of each pump's strong points (flow vs pressure):

1: 200mm rad -> cpu -> res -> d5 -> back to rad
2: ddc -> bottom video card -> top video card -> res -> 360 rad

Anyways, good luck! I hope i'm not misinformed about the first statement (Home - Rouchon Industries Inc., dba Swiftech - PC Liquid Cooling Systems, CPU and VGA Coolers, Water Blocks, Heatsinks, Pumps, Radiators, Heat Exchangers, Cooling Kits says the same thing about flow rates).

HiTi January 17, 2012 03:16 PM

Thanks, hopefully I have some time this week to get some more progress done on the loop(s)
I'm going to try to get the wiring done tonight and go from there.

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