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Birk January 11, 2012 02:23 PM

Backplate with waterblock?
Just curious if anyone knows if I'll be able to use my GPU backplate with my full waterblock. I know it might be hard to know without both parts in my hands but its worth asking.

My videocard is the Diamond HD 6950 2gb Reference with a backplate like this one.


My Waterblock is Aquacomputer aquagrATIx for HD 6970 & 6950
Aquacomputer aquagrATIx for HD 6970 & 6950 (Cayman XT & PRO) NIC [23531] - $139.99 : DazMode, The Best Canadian PC Watercooling and Modding Store!


JD January 11, 2012 02:44 PM

In EK's case, they sell their own backplates with necessary screws that fit their blocks.

I'm not sure about Aquacomputer though. You could likely use the stock backplate, but the screws might not be long enough or the right thread type.

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