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magictorch March 12, 2008 06:25 PM

Best fluid for watercooling?
Whats the best fluid to use for watercooling...

1. Distilled water
2. Nonconductive-becomes conductive when it comes into contact with dust or impurities so if it leaked it would still wreck components in my case.
3. Performance blends-i.e. fluid XP

Also how many times have you guys had leaks? I'm going to be careful with clamps etc.

sswilson March 12, 2008 06:31 PM

The only leak I've ever had was related to the crap TT waterblock I started with (acrylic tops with the metal barbs screwed into them bite!!! :) ). I had one crack while I was gone for the weekend (took out a 1950pro), and the replacement was found to be cracked when I swapped it out for my current apogee block (hadn't leaked yet, but wouldn't have been long).

3.0charlie March 12, 2008 06:41 PM

One leak too on my first built, with a cracked barb. But since then I have built about a dozen WC rigs and never had a leak again. For fluid I use the Swiftech one with distilled water.

magictorch March 12, 2008 06:45 PM

mmm I'm getting the GT block so thats good. Its the cpu block leaks that would do the most damage. Anyway here's what I'm getting. Below are prices at NCIX I price-matched at DC for 184 total. I was hoping i could just dump some distilled water in the loop-oh well better get the swiftech stuff.

"Vortex solution"
Swiftech APOGEE GT S478/LGA775/S754/S940/S939/AM2 3/8IN & 1/2IN &1/4IN Barbs $44.99
Swiftech 7/16IN ID Vinyl Tubing 10 Feet $9.79
Swiftech 1/2IN Od Chrome Plated Fittings 1/4 Bspp (Set of Two) $5.20
Swiftech MCB-120 Radbox Revision 2 Black $19.99
Swiftech MCR220-QP-RES Quiet Power Dual 120MM Water Cooling Radiator & Integrated Reservoir
Swiftech MCP655 12V Industrial Water Cooling Pump 1/2IN Barbs $74.99 (adjustable speed)
Fans 2 x NFP-12

I know the rad is not the best out there but its good value and saves setting up a reservoir. Ill replace it later on if I need to. On a budget and want to get started with folding.

3.0charlie March 12, 2008 06:50 PM

Don't worry about the rad, you'll be happy...

Cptn Vortex March 12, 2008 07:23 PM

Your temps will be great!!

I just use Distilled water, because I am constantly changing my loop. It's dirt cheap

MpG March 12, 2008 07:30 PM

Distilled water is just fine. Add a few drops of PT Nuke or use some Swiftech Hydrx to make sure that you don't have any issues with algae growth, both are pretty dirt cheap themselves.

Cptn Vortex March 12, 2008 10:33 PM

Yeah so far I'm too lazy to go out and buy Biocide, and it is working out ok. In time I am waiting on ordering some of the Black/UV Blue dye bombs, to add to my loop, and with that would get some biocide.

On a side note, I heard somewhere that a drop or 2 of bleach works just the same....Is this correct?

Moneyless March 13, 2008 12:04 AM

I'm using distilled water with a bit of 99% isopropyl alcohol, and it's been working fine. (I had highlighter ink in the loop as well for some color but the alcohol has made it fade out... :/)

Cptn Vortex March 13, 2008 12:05 AM

Interesting, highlighter ink. Haha. How long have you had your loop together?

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