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keto October 3, 2011 07:45 PM

Corsair 600T + H80 Build - PICS
Took a few pics as I went along, not sure which forum it's best suited to but I do have 1 small tip on the H80 install.

Picked up the 600T with the gear in my sig last week. Put it together with the stock Intel cooler, as the H100 recall was announced as I was ready to check out with one (LOL). I was REALLY amazed at the cable management in the 600T. I don't need bling, so have the plain side panel model. Here's what it looked like @ first build:


So, I went back to MemEx today after confirming that they had an H100 that was NOT under the recall...turned out to not be true, so I just grabbed an H80. Decided I'd do some reconfiguring, based on the longgggg 600T thread on another forum. Stripped the front fascia off, to get access to the little stand under the hard drive cages, which screws on from underneath.

Took out the middle drive cage, and moved the bottom one closer to the PSU - there's an anchor there for it with 2 screws.

Took out the 200mm fan up top and put in 2 Kaze Slipstream 120 @ 1900RPM fans....they had no Gentle Typhoons on hand. These are fairly loud even at half power and may not make the cut...

I made a mistake and installed the H80 before putting in the top fans, which screw from underneath. Redoing a 4 handed job twice with 2 hands was challenging LOL.

TIP: in the H80 instructions, which are labelled one side AMD and one side INTEL, there's a parts list. The standoff screws that a) hold the backplate on and b) mount the water block...well, there are 2 sets of them. On the mounting picture, there's a little closeup pic labelled 'LGA2011'. I was in full build mode, and not thinking that what that means is that one set of standoffs is FOR INTEL's NEXT CHIPSET DOWN THE ROAD, the LGA2011. Looking back it was a duhhhhh moment, but anyways I got the wrong ones installed and didn't figure out my error until I was trying to mount the block. No harm no foul, other than a little cursing while working in a tight space getting the wrong ones out and the right ones in.

But, all's well that ends well. Here's a detail shot of the H80 system in place:

And here's the final build. Again, I love the cable management here - it's a bit of a mess behind the backplate tbh, but who cares!

Front fan and the H80 are intake, the top fans are exhaust as is the PSU, which vents down through the floor.

Fired right up and at stock clock was running idle ~30C, load ~50C. Now running P95 testing @ 4.5, highest number I've seen was a brief spike to 64C. I can live with that for sure, at 4.0 the stock cooler was peaking into the mid 70's.

Spikemaul October 3, 2011 08:18 PM

Looks Very Clean!!! Nice Build!!:thumb: Awesome job on then cable management.:thumb:

AMC October 4, 2011 09:50 AM

Nice build :thumb:

TinBuilder February 20, 2012 08:02 PM

Hey i had the same issue, i installed it with the wrong screws, when i changed out the screws some of the thermal paste got transfered to the cpu, did this happen to you? and is it an issue? im wondering if i should clean both and apply new thermal paste

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