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zlojack February 4, 2008 12:59 PM

My First Ever Water Cooling Project
Ok, so I've decided to go down the path to the dark side and get into the water.

This will be a slow process as I don't have a lot of cash flow right now to drop on the parts, so I'll probably be ordering them a bit at a time and building once I assemble everything.

My goal is a loop something like this:



I think I want to use most of the parts I have currently, although there is the possibility of upgrading the GPU to either a 3870x2 (or two!) or a 9800GTX down the road and maybe go to a Thermaltake Toughpower 1000w.

Looking at the loop I want I guess I'd need a strong pump and a fairly large reservoir.

If I decided to try to put this in my Antec Ninehundred, I guess I'll have to mod the case and maybe mount the rad on top.

One of these maybe? http://www.ncix.com/products/index.p...re=Thermochill

Anyway, looking at the D-Tek Fusion CPU Block as the first purchase with the pro mount kit.

Those EK mosfet and chipset blocks also look nice.

Cptn Vortex February 4, 2008 01:19 PM

That RAD is amazing. Mount it on the back of the case, with a RADBOX. I recently bought a build with that RAD, a Apogee GT block, the Maxiums Extreme SE version (watercooled chipset), and a Q6600 overclocked to 3.6GHZ maxes out at 58 degrees. There are 4 yateloons, configured Push Pull. Nice and quiet, and great performance and temps. Highly suggested.

3.0charlie February 4, 2008 01:26 PM

I personally wouln't do it - this is overkill and a lot of $$$. Looks great, but good aftermarket air cooling can take care of the video card, the SB and the MOSFETs. The NB is optional, since some very good air cooling solutions do exist - but whenever I can I do water-cool it. But do go for the CPU water-cooled - the Fuzion, coupled with that Rad and a 655 pump is a very good setup.

MpG February 4, 2008 01:36 PM

By most accounts, the stock W/C setup on the Formula isn't that bad, once you've reseated the block with a decent thermal compound. Watercooling the SB is excessive and uncecessary, and hurts everything else more than it helps the SB.

If you're determined, at least put all the chipset blocks on a different loop, to maximize flow through the parts that can really use it - the CPU and GPU. This lowers your cost of entry, and when you get some more cash later on you can look at the chipset stuff.

zlojack February 4, 2008 01:59 PM

Yeah that's true. I don't actually have the SE version of the Maximus Formula, just the standard, so I do need to replace the heatsinks.

I guess I'm using those pics more for a guide and inspiration, but not necessarily to copy outright.

That's why I posted this here. I want to get it right the first time and I'm not in a hurry. I'd rather not start WC then add more later (yeah right, whoever heard of that around here? :biggrin:)

I'd rather get a decent design concept and then work towards it little by little.

I'll have the money, just not all at once.

The Maximus Formula NB is notoriously finicky and apparently any temps over 47 degrees cause instability. Mine can get up to the 45 degree range right now, so I think it's worth putting in the loop. Maybe after the GPU.

As for the mosfets, I could probably do those with the HR-09 and the SB with the HR-05

lcdguy February 4, 2008 02:21 PM

Well i can say that the thermochill rads are awesome rads. Though a bit on the thick side. Also it looks like your going for a D-Tek fuzion for the cpu another good choice. Some things i learned from my frist water cooling is this.

1. Use Jubilee / hose clamps where ever possible
2. You don't need to necessarily cool your SB as the added heat could decrease the perfoamnce.

3. For your GPU get a full size card to cool the core and the memory. Thats what i did and i am loving it.

4. Make sure teh pump you choose is a strong one. I recommend the Swiftech MCP-655 it's very strong and DC :).

Finally get as a big as a case as you can afford. Space will be quickly used up by pipe espeically 1/2 OD piping.

zlojack February 4, 2008 05:29 PM

Thanks for the tips. I definitely intend to use hose clamps. And that pump looks sweet.

The SB won't be part of the loop.

I think it'll be Pump>Rad>CPU>GPU>NB>Res

I'm hoping not to get a new case. I think I can fit the rez in the front area under the hard drives and the pump on the floor of the case in the same area. (All of this obviously depends on how the tubing goes)

So far:

CPU - D-Tek Fuzion
GPU - ???
NB - EK NB-S-Max - (Still not sure about this, might leave it out, but a lot of Maximus Formula users are watercooling the NB.)
Pump - Swiftech MCP-65
Rad - Thermochill PA120.1 or PA120.2 or PA160 (I like the idea of mounting on the back of the case, although I'm not sure if the PA120.2 will fit on the back of the Ninehundred - would the PA120.1 or the PA160 provide enough cooling for this loop?)

A loop like this would be better than the one posted up top?

Wankerfx February 4, 2008 05:40 PM

Personally, I would ditch water cooling the NB all together, unless you plan on running your FSB at 500Mhz+ for 24/7 use, or if you're going to use the hot X38 chipset.

Other than that, it will be an amazing build. :thumb:

3.0charlie February 4, 2008 06:13 PM

The HR-05 does a very good job at cooling the NB, and I agree with Wanker - water-cooling is very much optional. The PA120.2 fits the back of the 900, using the Swiftech Radbox.

Your loop is perfect.

If you do water-cool the GPU, do use a full-coverage block.

Supergrover February 4, 2008 06:26 PM

Yup drop the NB/SB and just do the CPU/GPU.
Go for a full covarage GFX WB that will depend on what videocard you end up going with.
Fuzions a good WB that or a Apogee GT but I'd go with a fuzion
PA120.2 is a amazing rad but as stated a bit wide, dont forget to pickup some magicool screws if your going to use a "closed" fan
Swiftec mcp655 you might have to swap the 12v wire when you get it, IDK if it still happening, but no big deal.

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