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JayDeeHobbit December 8, 2010 08:03 AM

Been out of the loop... so to speak. XSPC rads - opinions.
I currently have a 4 year old Black Ice 2x120 that has worked awesome for me but I just bought a new ATCS840 case and am thinking about some new gear to add to it.

I just saw the XSPC rads for the first time (as I said I've been out of the loop) and am wondering how they work. I'd probably get the thick version of the 3x120.

It should be lots more than I need for just cooling my i7 920 but I might also put H20 on my video card in the future (I had H20 on my old 8800GTS and loved it) so some extra capacity isn't a bad thing.

Rest of loop is MCP 655-B, EK Supreme LT, Swuiftech rez and 1/2" tubing. Will be using Yate Loon fans on it.

JD December 8, 2010 08:11 AM

I assume you're talking about the RX line? They're solid performers with low-speed fans. If you're using high-speed fans though, they aren't the greatest.

I went with the HWLabs SR-1 360 though as it's all I could find in Canada at the time. Wasn't too much more expensive versus ordering the RX 360 and shipping it from the US. SR-1 and RX are pretty similar performers with low-speed fans as well.

JayDeeHobbit December 8, 2010 08:19 AM

Thanks for the reply JD :)

Yes the RX360
Performance Triple 120mm Radiator XSPC RX360 Performance Triple 120mm Radiator XSPC RX360 [RX360] - $94.99 : DazMode, Canadian PC Water Cooling and Modding Store

It says it has very low resistance so ya I was thinking/hoping my Yate Loons would work fine on it.

AmuseMe December 8, 2010 09:23 AM

Not to mention the SR-1 line from HWL is built extremely well. Most solid radiator I've ever owned

vohiep84 December 8, 2010 09:35 AM

I have experience with these rads and they are great performers for mid to low rpm fans.

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