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InfamousBert October 8, 2010 11:01 AM

new rig Liquid cooling options
hey guys, I have built the beast and now I am suffering from LOUD FAN SYNDROME. I have currently, 2 5870's in Xfire that are ridiculously loud, and a Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme push/pull that are fine but if im gonna go liquid im going all the way, plus i have no room for a rad with that beast.

so what I am looking for is some advice and opinions of the optimal setup that isnt going to rape my bank account. I have enough to afford a proper setup but i need to justify the purchases.

anyhow I am looking for:
-decent Radiator that I can fit in my case (coolermaster centurion 2 120mm fan slots @ the top)
-CPU block (i7 930)
-GPU Block x2 (XFX 5870s)
-Northbridge block? (P6x58D-E)
-hardware and hoses

as far as i know that is all that i would need and I realize that it is going to be fairly expensive. I am predicting a setup like this to cost around $500 (i hope i am close).

I have never gotten into the liquid cooling so I really have no idea where to begin. I usually deal with NCIX but they offer mainly CPU kits or GPU kits, I would like to have a complete setup and need to know where to get started.

any tips would be GREATLY appreciated!

JD October 8, 2010 11:28 AM

Dazmode would be a good store to shop from too. Has a bit more than NCIX.

And you're looking at over $500 I'd say.

GPU blocks: $120 x 2
Pump: $100
CPU block: $65
Fittings, tubing, reservoir, etc: $100-200

That's already around $500 and without a radiator, tax or shipping.

Unfortunately you cannot run a 120.2 radiator inside that case an expect to get good temperatures. If anything it may even be worse than now, unless you use super noisy fans (which you clearly don't want). And I doubt it'll fit inside anyways. Better off mounting at least a 120.3 if not 120.4 externally.

I'd also avoid the NB block unless you deem it absolutely necessary. Air cooling should be more than sufficient.

lowfat October 8, 2010 11:47 AM

Ballin' on a budget.

NCIX.com - Buy Swiftech HD5850-HS Full Cover Heatsink for Use with Water Block Cooled Radeon HD 5850 Video Card - HD5850-HS In Canada. x 2 $60
Swiftech MCW80 GPU Water Block for Most NVIDIA & ATI Video Cards 1/2IN G1/4 Chrome Barb Fittings - DirectCanada x 2 $88
Newegg.ca - Swiftech MCR220-QP Liquid Cooler Radiator $43
Swiftech MCR320 Quiet Power Triple 120MM Water Cooling Radiator Black G1/4 Threaded - DirectCanada $48
Swiftech MCB-120 Radbox Revision 2 Black - DirectCanada $17
Swiftech MCP355 High Performance 12V Industrial Water Cooling Pump 3/8IN Barbs - DirectCanada $61
Newegg.ca - Swiftech APOGEE-XT Extreme Performance CPU Waterblock $70
NCIX.com - Buy Primochill Primoflex Pro LRT UV Red 3/8IN ID 5/8IN OD Tubing (10 Feet) - PFLEXP10-58-R In Canada. $17
Bitspower -TRUE SILVER- G1/4 High Flow 3/8IN Barb Fitting - Silver Plated (Single) - DirectCanada x 10 $45
Swiftech MCRES-MICRO REV2 Clear HI-FLOW Water Cooling Reservoir 3/8IN & 1/2IN Barb Fittings - DirectCanada - $20

$452 + taxes + shipping + your choice of fans. There is two radiators there and you will need to hand one of the radiators off the back of the case because an 2x120mm radiator is definitely not enough if you want it to be decently quiet. You can price match everything at NCIX except for the CPU block as they don't have any in stock.

JD October 8, 2010 08:03 PM

Be a bit tight and messy to connect up those 2 GPUs blocks in such a small case don't ya think?

I guess either way though, it's going to be a tight fit. Lotta hardware in a fairly small case.

Maybe use one of these: Swiftech At least the pump, reservoir and radiator will be taken care of in a compact package.

lowfat October 8, 2010 08:14 PM


Originally Posted by jdrom17 (Post 437154)
Be a bit tight and messy to connect up those 2 GPUs blocks in such a small case don't ya think?

With 3/8ID Primoflex tubing I think it could be pulled off.

But it will be a very cramped case afterwards that is a fact.

Dazmode October 10, 2010 09:29 AM

I would skip on motherboard cooling and make single loop for CPU and Dual GPU's on good triple radiator (assuming it fits your case). You should fit $500 budget with decent components. Skip on XT it is too restrictive, Supreme HF will do better a job for you in a single loop.

stoanee October 10, 2010 09:54 AM

I like these for rad mount:
EK-UNI RAD Holder 120mm BLACK (finally metal radbox!) EK-UNI RAD Holder 120mm BLACK [EK-UNI RAD 120] - $11.99 : DazMode, Canadian PC Water Cooling and Modding Store

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